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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have a question. Whom I can ask?
    Or the forum or by e-mail: Alexandr.

  2. I want to place on your site banner or link on this project. How can I do this?
    Code of the banner:

    Reference code:

  3. Is it possible on your site to place your ad/link/advertising?
    Categorically no. The project is not commercial.

  4. How to remove duplicates from the database?
    Clear fields Name Russian and English Nickname. After that save. Don't forget that all Saivism objects from this card will be replaced value on "unknown"! I.e. if you remove an animal that is someone's parent, that someone will lose a parent. The same applies for owners, clubs, cattary's.

  5. How to associate me as the owner with the breeder
    The mapping happens automatically. For this cartucce breeder/owner must specify the same email as in your user profile.
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